Cookin’ up a storm!

30 03 2011

I knew that with coming to Barcelona I would experience an immense amount of new activities! Back in ANN ARBOR, I am constantly running from place to place and moving non stop. Now that I have a bit more leisure time to mess around, I have taken my talents to the kitchen. Yes, I have actually cooked multiple meals AND not had any fires (yet).

I started with the simplest of foods: EGGS. How hard could it be to crack an EGG , toss it in a pan, and mix it around until it was ready.


Advancin’ for Manci

Getting a bit bored of plain old eggs , I decided what are EGGS without hashbrowns...!?Jules, My roommate at school is a better chef than Emerl in my eyes. One night she fascinated me and whipped me up a fresh batch of homemade hashbrowns!! I have never felt the same way about cooking since that night.Day after day I waited to attempt making hashbrowns on my own. The perfect day had finally come to test my breakfast skills … Amanda Manci’s 21st Birthday!! A little bit of this and a little bit of that… and look what I made!

Manci's Birthday Brunch

Fruit plate of kiwi and strawberries, along side the homemade hash browns and grilled chicken!

Grilled chicken is also another easy dish to make! All you have to do is pick up some raw”pollofrom the market or the local pollaria. You toss it in a pan with oil and than season it up!

Pick it up a notch

Eating the basics got old fast, I knew it was time to step it up in the kitchen.  Thinking about all of the foods I missed at home the most, a BIM BIM BOP came to mind. Spicy hot sauce poured all over the burning bowl of rice, vegetables, chicken and egg… a re creation was needed ASAP. This led me to the my ASIAN CRAZE in the kitchen.

This photo is a bit distorted because it is taken from a camera phone… but this was the result of a do-it-yourself lettuce wrap!





It is hard to tell, but it is made up of : grilled chicken, EGG, carrots, broccoli, and a bit of celery for some CRUNCH.

Madeline's Dish

Madeline, my roommate, made the next part of the ASIAN meal. It is a combination of : grilled chicken, grilled red peppers, garlic, noodles, and a little feta on top.

It is fun to experiment in the kitchen!! It is worth taking a risk and trying NEW things.


30 03 2011

Barak Obama is noted as one of the first presidential candidates who really took advantage of SOCIAL MEDIA . His campaign basically invented the idea of politics 2.0. What do might I mean by politics 2.0? and what was learned from Obama‘s campaign?

> Micro-politics : noting that most people are NOT interested in politics,Obama learned that every single person is a universe. Stressing personal communication he wanted to figure out what individuals or individual groups of people are interested in.

>Politics out of politics : media broad casted political forums can take place in multiple forms. They are not just televised debates or speeches, but are Facebook pages and Twitter feeds. Obamas campaign exemplified the benefits of using SOCIAL MEDIA FORUMS. This would be the most successful route in reaching the “Y-GENERATION”- those who were born after the year 1982.

> Addressing Individuals : not only did Obama’s campaign obtain mass amounts of money in relation to his rival candidates, but a majority of this money came from donations that were LESS THAN $100. Proving that many people can come together and make a fortune.

MYBARAKOBAMA.COM was a website created by his campaign that gave citizens an opportunity to SHARE their points of view and CONNECT with other typically like- minded citizens. This image can be found on the website.

– He basically created his OWN SOCIAL NETWORK of followers. There are over 2 million profiles created on the website.

> Pay attention to details :  Obama made sure that he ALWAYS looked presentable, in put together outfits, spoke appropriately, and maintained well behaved.

In addition to his own SOCIAL NETWORKING website Obama relied heavily on FACEBOOK! Top Ten reasons why FACEBOOK worked for his campaign:

1. Facebook gives transparency- there is nothing to hide on facebook

2. Facebook molbilizes people – the viral capacity is HUGE , many people can be connected and share in ONE place.

3. Facebook and “micro feelings”/ “micro points of view” – any little tiny thing you promote can be easily passed on and gain a larger amount of “friends” or “followers”

4. Facebook communicates – images, posts, and opinions are easily accessible and shared

5.Facebook creates politics out of politics- Obama was able to figure out what different types of citizens were interested in by CONNECTING on facebook. Then he was able to COMMUNICATE what they wanted to hear about.

6.Facebook connects people – although you may not personally know hte person you are COMMUNICATING with you, you can still easily share your LIKE MINDED ideals and opinions. Others may also be able to share their information.

7. Facebook works for citizens – it is easily accessible and is shaped by the people who use it.

8. Facebook is global- everyone around the world can be informed about this topic.

9. Facebook and creativity- people can express and promote their opinions in a creative manner.

10.Facebook humanizes – makes Obama seem like a real person who the individuals feel they have a relationship with.

Obama BRANDED himself as a moment of HOPE.

Catalan News Agency

30 03 2011

Last week the Journalism 2.0 Class took a  field trip to the Catalan News Agency. This is one of the top agencies for broadcasting in Catalunya, and it is SOLEY broadcast ed in ENGLISH.

Unfortunately due to travels, I was unable to attend the class field trip. I have decided to look to their website for information.

CNA aka Catalan News Agency has a very straight forward and aesthetically appealing website. CNA focuses on Politics, Business, Society & Science, Life & Style, Culture and of course, SPORTS!


Explore Catalan Culture

>Barcelona’s main public library to be built next to the Ciutadella Park.The Library’s construction will begin in 2012 and last three years, it will cost 37.4 million euros. Miro finally deicded where to place his 5 floor library containing up to 600,000 volumes of books.

Explore Catalan Sports

>Alberto Contador has won the centenary edition of the ‘Volta Ciclista a Catalunya’, Catalonia’s cycling Tour. Barcelona takes pride in being able to host the finish line for the cyclying tour.

You can find a siderbar of widgets to the right of the 2 column website.

The first widget is for “Catalan Views” – one of them is by Jori Vaquer the director of CIDOB and the second is by Josep Gonzalez the president of PIMEC(SME Association).   These are the top opinions by produced by the Catalan News Agency. The second widget is an advertistment for FC Barcelona!

Click! To buy FC Barcelona tickets to the next game here April 6th. If you haven’t been to a game yet, I have heard it is well worth it !! I am trying to attend this game with my roommates.

The third widget hosts “Special” news stories to view – today’s happen to be on “science in catalonia” and “Debate:Open to the world”.

Then there are a few different options on how to subscribe to the Catalan News Agency’s website.

  • The website’s sidebar also lists its latest and most popular stories! and last but not least there is a translator button! This is helpful for those people who cannot understand ENGLIGH.

    This news agency covers ALL Catalunya, not just the city of barcelona! it is interesting that they would chose to put an advertisement of the futbol team as the second widget on the sidebar. The FB Barca futbol team is a part of the Catalan Identity.

    Below is a video of The Catalan News Agency

    The Catlan News Agency Website is very basic and straight forward, it has a great visual appeal and its easy to navigate through. I would give this web page a high rating on its quality.