Burger Me Barcelona!

25 04 2011

My FAVORITE foods to eat are a Hamburger and French Fries. No matter what time of day or what day of the week it is I am always down to grab a Hamburger and French Fries.I’ve got my usual burger joints back in Bloomfield Hills, Detroit and Ann Arbor. Coming to Barcelona meant I had to begin my Burger journey again to find the top spots! Obviously, I had the options of going to McDonalds and Burger King, but I was not going to settle for those American fast food joints! I wanted to find AUTHENTIC BURGER joints in Barcelona. I was not able to take this on alone, and had to look for some “Burger Buddies“, people who would be on the hunt for a great burger joint.

The  the perfect combination of Hamburger and Fries depends on type of meat used for the burger, the cripsy-ness of the fries, the amount of time it takes to be cooked and where you are going to be eating the burger and fries!

Stop 1: Sandwich and Friends – with four convenient locations, I found myself struck by the “Burger & Friends” advertisements at a local restaurant by my apartment.  This burger was of decent size, but served with chips not fries.   it was garnished with just a bun… BORING. Therefore, i can only give it a 5/10 rating. Sandwich and Friends overall gets a 4 star rating, as they are open 7 days a week and have free wifi !!

Stop 2: Bar Paris – a small cafe/bar that is located next to my apartment. Bar Paris is open at almost all hours of the day and is seen as a local hot spot for drinks, coffee, and tapas! Their burger is small and has a funky Catalan taste. It is not like your typical American burger as it comes solely as the meat, lettuce, a tomato, and bun. nothing more, nothing less. To me this is a dinky burger! but it is cheap and convenient.  I give this burger  a 6/10

How to Eat a Burger the “RIGHT” way ….

stop 3: La Champagneria o El Champayxet – tucked away in a tiny alley way – reina christina – near port olympico at the end of Via Lietana you will find this local spot. You throw your trash on the ground, meat is hanging in the air, and champagne is popping left and right. this burger may be on the smaller side, but it’s bun it filled with goodness!! pickles, bacon and spicy sauce top this burger off… no fries here either. But you can wash it down with home made champagne !! Making it a 7/10 on the rating scale

I have discovered secret places of barcelona where to get the BEST BURGER EVER EVER- you’ll have to ask me because i will not publicly share this information. and let me tell you this burger makes the top 5 world wide list!!!




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