About Me! :D

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Lindsey Taylor Shaw. People call me Lindsey, Linz, LShaw, Shaw, Shawtay, Lshawtay, but here I prefer Lindsey BarSHAWlona. I am taking Barcelona by storm for the next four months! Here you can laugh and follow my experiences with school and my continuous culture shocks in the fabulous cities I travel to. 

I am from the bubble of Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and cannot wait to pop out of it.  When I am at home I live with my mom Hillary, my dad Randy and my sister Melanie. My mother is a stay at home mom, she puts her children first and foremost. My mom used to drive me to school everyday before I obtained my drivers liscene. My dad is an Orthodontist – this is a profession where he brings big perfect white smiles to all of his patients. Something that I have noticed in Barcelona is that people do not care about their dental hygine. Growing up with a father who is an orthodontist, I tend to focus on a person´s smile when I first meet them. I wish that he could some how bring the office here and help everyone with their smiles! My sister is my best friend – Melanie is 2 years younger than I am. She is also a student at the University of Michigan. We are both in the same sororiety. Melanie does not look like me at all so some people do not think we are sisters. When they see our perfect white smiles and hear our laughs… then they know we are sisters.

This is a photo of my family and I from recently when they visited me in Barcelona! As you can see I am the only one with blonde hair, which makes people think that I might be a friend of the family versues a kid.

A little more about me. I am 20 years old, and my birthday is April 17th 1990. I will be celebrating my 21st birthday here in Barcelona.  My favorite color is blue! I LOVE fresh fruit such as strawberries, grapes, apples, pomegrante and lemons. That is why the BOQUERIA is one of my favorite parts of BARSHAWLONA. My favorite sports are skiing, tennis and yoga. I like to work out when I have the time. I LOVE wandering aimlessly aroudn Barcelona because you can find some of the most fascinating and unique things. I could stay at flea markets for hours. I LOVE to laugh and be with friends who spread positive vibes and energy. I am OBSSESED with BARCELONA! You can typically see me in jeans and a tshirt. I LOVE the snow, but I also LOVE to lay out at the beach. I was a lifeguard at a summer camp for 3 years. I attend THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ( GO BLUE!!! ) and am the fourth generation to go there. My great grandpa went there, then my grandma, my dad and now my sister and I! My favorite drink is really cold ice water. While studying abroad I have to watch my favorite TV shows on the computer – Calfornication, Modern Family, Pretty Little Liars and Desperate Housewives. My favorite NBA team is the Detroit Pistons and the LA Lakers!

Im not sure if this is the right song or not because I dont have sound on my computer but this is one of my new favorite songs!

I have chosen to study in Barcelona Spain because I wanted to emerce myself in Spanish Culture after studying spanish for 11 years in school. I’ve also heard that Barcelona is the most rocking city in Europe with fantastic artcitecture, food, shops, and night life.  Tons to see and tons to do, so i’d LOVE to share that with all of you!


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19 08 2011
paula polan

Hi Linz, this is fab…..wish we could go to Barcelona, thanks for the info, Paula & John

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