ohh dear!!

13 02 2011

Before leaving for BARCELONA, I spent a little over two weeks visitng my grandparents in Del Ray Beach, Florida. My grandparents live in Florida during the Winter months because MICHIGAN gets VERY VERY cold!! My parents,, my sister and I LOVE spending time down there because we get to be with our family, hang out by the pool, eat DELICIOUS food and relax. Our family family activity to do together is go to the GYM. We all encourage eachother to lead HEALTHY lifestyles by eating well and working out on a regular basis.

First we head to the aerobic machines – My sister loves the Elliptical, my dad the stair master and my mom and I like to walk/run on the tredmill. It is important to get your heart pumping.

We also LOVE doing family YOGA sessions. We find that it is a great way to stretch out and hit all of the muscles in your body. It is the perfect way to relax after a long stressful day of work or school.

With being in FLORIDA for so long, we were able to get down a routine of when we would go work out in the GYM. I knew that when I got to BARCELONA I would have to put in effort like I did before with my work out schedule. My friend Hannah who studied abroad here in BARCELONA told me about the 2 big GYM options – Holmes Place and Dir. CEA pushes you to joined Holmes Place ASAP because they have cut you some sort of deal.

To me Holmes Place was going to be such a scene, where all of the CEA students would go to work out/take classes/ socialize. I was going to the GYM to WORKOUT not to socialize. It was going to be my time to RELAX and WORK OUT. This is why my roommates and I decided to look into DIR – which turns out to be the BEST GYM EVER.

DIR- not only are there over 15 locations to work out, but they are closer to our apartment than the Holmes Place GYM. We walked into the door of DIR Seven , right off PASSIEG DE GRACIA and was instantly welcomed with big smiles. We were given a FREE training session, massage and BACKPACK ( which I now carry everywhere I go). We also can have unlimited hot tea and apples ( my favorite food).  My roommates and I LOVE going to the GYM every day – we run on the tredmills, swim in the lap pool, or play raquet ball !! We also LOVE sitting in the steam room and just RELAXING after a nice work out.There are also a variety of CLASSES/ACTIVITIES we can attend. You can too!! Check out their website at www.dir.cat

To try and practice my YOGA skills here in BARCELONA – I attended the Dir Yoga class. To my surprise the class was only WOMEN and very small – 6 people! Back at home there is a mixture of men, women and children who do yoga, as well as middle school kids to grandparents. I also noticed that the women in the class were FULLY clothed in long sleeves, socks and pants. Back home people wear small shorts, no socks, men don’t wear shirts and women typically a tank top or sports bra. I stood out in the small yoga studio for being THAT American at the GYM. I also didn’t realize that this YOGA class was going to be taught in SPANISH. like HELLO LINDSEY! of course it would be – YOUR IN BARCELONA!! it was very very basic YOGA- was boring for me in comparison to what I am used to. My favorite part was at the end where the teacher played RELAXING music and tucked us into an orange blanket! I almost fell asleep!

i am excited to try another class at the DIR GYM. I am looking forward to being able to LAY OUT and RELAX on the SUNDECK at DIR SEVEN.

hasta luego!