rough draft wiki links post

2 02 2011

i think that wiki leaks are a form of journalism. they reflect an emphasis on civic/public journalism. this is where citizens no longer need the help of the mainstream media to create or publish a news story. the average joe smith can snap a photo on his phone, tweet, or write up a quick blog about a riot that is occurring down the street from him.

scandals have been leaked on to the internet in the past via wiki pages, such as the Monica Lewinsky and President Clinton nonsense that originally was leaked on the drudge report website.

the changes between media and their sources as those sources can increasingly go direct ot hte audience with their message arises an issue of trust in the media. who do you believe or not believe? why do you believe one source over the other? in the past most citizens would focus on big time news media outlets – such as the new york times or chicago tribune. but now a days, people are looking to blogs or other personal websites for their information. they are looking for people who have similar beliefs or mindsets as them selves. the problem with this new form of public journalism and wiki leaks lies in the hands of the audience. who is it that is reading the information presented online? how are they receiving the message? is it being encoded the way it was intended to? how do you even know?

wiki leaks change the journalists role in that there is more power with the freedom of information shared. i feel as though with personal ability of leaking information out at any time of the day can give the right audience what they want to hear. it depends if these leaks are happening via a company or corporation verses the average local citizen. its possible for the local citizen to be more in touch with the story, considering they live,work,eat,sleep around the scene of the story.

it is difficult to decide where to draw the line regarding laws on the internet. the issue of private intellectual property, protection and privacy issues and copy right. the internet is a complex arena for information, it is extremely difficult to harness all of the information that is created on it. each and every second of the day information is being shared and read. some people post information without the intentions it may present. each blogger/internet user is definitely entitled to their own intellectual property, but with the internet compiling mass amounts of collective intelligence it is difficult to know who originally stated what and who to give the credit too.

i would like to add more on this topic soon, it will be edited.