Social Networks

10 02 2011

Before I could even begin to write this blog post, I spent an hour on Facebook- one of the most widely used online SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES. Facebook allows you to connect, converse, and meet a multitude of people or keep in touch with ones you already know. SOCIAL NETWORKING has been brought to a whole new level with the invention of WEB 2.0 and the INTERNET. Opportunities can become available by a CONNECTION of a friend of a friend. A resulting issue of “Facebook Friends” is who do you accept? and who do you not? Do you really know this person? or is it just to have another connection?

Friend or Foe? I personally do not accept people who I have not physically met before. It is just too DANGEROUS and that person could end up using your information against you. The SOCIAL NETWORK that you have worked so hard to create could quickly crumble by ACCEPTING one “friend”.

SOCIAL NETWORKS can be seen as  a web of connections, bridging one person to another to another. You can be led to greater success by telling a CEO or a DOCTER that you know someone that they are close with. In the video we watched in class about SOCIAL NETWORKS in plain english – we observed how some people can find love or a job through their FRIENDS networks. It is not just your own network but those of the people you are connected to.

Example of a Facebook Page

I have used SOCIAL NETWORKING websites to gain an audience for an organization I worked for last summer. We would ADD friends and send them messages and information. ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKS are great for publicity and raising awareness. We were able to advertise our EVENTS to a mass audience at the ease of a button click. By using TWITTER we could give short updates all day long.  Our organizations name and brand grew to a whole new level within just 2 months. From only being recognized by local community members to now people who live out of state. Its fascinating how quickly the information can be shared and traveled on the internet – especially by the help of SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES.

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