Barca give me housee!!

25 04 2011

If the embedded video player doesn’t work please click on this Link to view a podcast about the Beats of Barcelona !!

itunes picTechnology is becoming increasingly intertwined with pop culture. On a daily basis we use digitized versions of books, films, and radio series.
we are known as the “tech babies” of generation Y those who are familiar with media, communication, and digital technologies. It only makes sense that these aspects would resonate in our daily lives. We use our ipods and mp3 players to watch tv shows, movies, and listen to music and podcasts.Generation Y is obsessing over “HOUSE MUSIC” aka “TECHNO MUSIC“. House music is computer generated sound bites, beats, and jams.

The 20/21 year old study abroad students here in Barcelona exaggerate the growing passion for HOUSE MUSIC. We eat , barely sleep, and dream HOUSE MUSIC. As of January 2011, college students from America got their first taste of HOUSE MUSIC at the “Energy” show in Amsterdamn, Netherlands. Other HOUSE MUSIC shows that many study abroad students attended were: AfroJack in Barcelona, Laidback Luke in Barcelona, Avicii in Barcelona, Skrillex in London, and “Sensation White” in Brussels, Beliguim. Many students will attend one final show before heading back home to the US of A on April 28th 2011 – Dirty South ft Dj David Berrie in Barcelona.

Study abroad students have been fortunate enough to see a multitude of HOUSE MUSIC shows and concerts in Barcelona!! Students studying abroad in other cities( such as Florence,Prague, London) have traveled to Barcelona just to experience these HOUSE MUSIC artist’s.


Calling anyone and everyone!

13 04 2011

Have you ever heard of a podcast?A podcast is a PERSONAL, ON DEMAND, broDCAST that is typically audio only. podcasts a fabulous venue to share and learn information about a topic because they are easy to access and freeAnyone can create a podcast, all you need is a computer, a microphone and a connection the web. The advancement of podcasting came about in early 2004 with the advent and increasing popularity of MP3 players and iPods. These are not the only mediums in which you can listen to a podcast. podcasts because they are broadcasted on the web are easily accessible. Today, people are able to access the internet from their hand held phone… something that was basically unheard of seven short years ago.Trying to explain a podcast to someone who did not grow up in the digital generation may be difficult. I took the time to share this video of podcasting in plain english to my mom, a new user to the internet and technology.


podcasts are ideal for someone who wants to have a quick update, background, or full emersion of a topic. podcasts cover various topics, from serious political and legislative news, rap artist’s latest song to your neighbor’s gardening skills. 

The best part is that you can watch AS MUCH AS YOU WANT , WHENEVER YOU WANT, and can be HEARD VIA MULTIPLE MEDIA OUTLETS. Podcast’s are ideal for both people who are on the go-go-go and those who just like to sit back and learn about something new. You can tailor your “podcast playlist” to YOUR interests and hobbies. They are distributed episodically and streamed on the web.Being openly accessible and available 24/7 is a perk of subscribing to podcasts.

another benefit to podcasting is the lack of a gatekeeper. anyone and everyone has the ability to produce and export media content.   i think it is important that people take advantage of the opportunity to share their experiences with the rest of the ” World”, or those who are community members to the WORLD WIDE WEB. podcasts have evolved the process of audio mediums from a PUSH to a PULL. We are able to personalize and pull our own information easily and accessibly. these are important in determining the success of your podcast.

NPR- national public radio , one of the few if not only in the US that still exists. This medium offers a variety of podcasts to listen to. It is obvious that there is something for EVERYONE by browsing through the main categories of NPR’s podcasts : around the nation, art and life, books, business, economy, food, health, music, news, politics, science, technology, US and World.

Go out and explore the WEB! find the perfect podcast for you!

Media Convergence and Storytelling

9 03 2011

Media Convergence is more than a shift in technology, the convergence alters the relationship between existing technologies, industries, markets, genres and audiences. It is an ONGOING process, occuring at VARIOUS intersections of media technologies, indsutries, content and audiences. There are 5 processes of MEDIA CONVERGENCE according to Henry Jenkins : technological, economic, social, cultural and global.

Media convergence is the merging of mass communications outlets—print, television, radio, the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies through various digital presentation platforms.

The emergence of the internet and the digitization of information has led to an increase in media convergence. the internet allows for information to travel easily adn globally. people can send images, movies, songs and other types of multi-media with the click of a button! Media convergence allows for the users of the internet to INTERACT with the multi-media content.

Media Convergence allows mass media professionals to tell stories and present information and entertainment using a variety of media. THey can spread the story in a multitude of media outlets. People could watch a video on the tv, on the computer, on an ipod or even on their mobile phone.  americans are using their mobile phones for EVERYTHING these days. Instead of just having a simple phone with SMS, we now send eachother videos, have applications that can do anything and everything for you, and even SEE the person you are talking to!!

technological convergence this would be the digization of all media content. about one hundred years ago, television and radio never even existed. people would be entertained by the stories their families told or acted out. the transition of technology from the creatation of the TV to watching moves in a theatre revolutionized the media world. people were able to  rent VHS tapes to watch their favorite movies, now we can easily find these movies online with our computers or even download them to our ipods! its fascinating!!

THE iPHONE! the iPhone is one of the most incredible technological devices out on the market right now. You can ¨get an app¨for everything! want to know how to make an asian stir fry dish ? theres an app for that! when you are traveling ina new city and want to find the nearest burger joint?? there is an APP for that! You want to watch the hott new KAYNE west music video RUNAWAY – you can on your IPHONE!!