Featured film : Answer This!

12 04 2011
I LOVE ANN ARBOR! I am a 4th generation student at the University of Michigan. My Great Grandpa , my grandma, and my father attended U of M. Going to Michigan can almost be thought of as a family tradition. It is common to have a linage of family members who go to the same university.
This is an over view of the center of the University of Michigan campus also known as “The Diag“. In the center of the diag is a GIANT block M.
Many students lay out, read books, or just converse in the diag area.
When first arriving to the diag, you are brought to the center block M. There is an old story that is told about the M. It is BAD LUCK to step on the M before you take your first blue book exam.If you step on it before your exam , you are said to FAIL it.  I was told this story many years ago, and had to avoid walking on it for 18 years!
People become extremely passionate for the town of ANN ARBOR. It is a laid back and liberal city, where you can see diverse groups of people and hobbies. How can you share your passion for a city to a mass audience? Different media outlets allow for easy and accessible information. A great way to learn about another place is through film.
Answer This! Is the first movie ever filmed in Ann Arbor AND about the fabulous A2. Tonight was the exclusive premiere for cast and friends, and those who were fortunate enough to purchase tickets to the 10pm showing. The room was filled to the brim with fans, over 50 people had to stand to watch the film. No joke, a smile was on my face during the entire screening of Answer This.
The film follows the tale of LEGENDARY professor Ralph Williams and his son featured as a GSI. He taught a religion class here at the University of Michigan for many years. This class touched the hearts and minds of Michigan students forever. So much so that Chris Farah– the director of the film was inspired to create a screen play about it. He is a U of M grad who moved to LA after graduating. He and his brother co-produced the film. 
The love for the city of Ann Arbor, how academics play into it, and the passion for Bar trivia outlines the movie. The trivia pub team- The Ice Tigers defend their way to the final round in pub trivia at Ashley’s on State Street. The movie is filmed in all of the hot spots of Ann Arbor. You can see the actors and actresses strolling down Greenwood, State Street, in the diag and at Expresso Royale.
The main actors in the film are Kip Pardue aka Sunshine from Remember the Titans, Christopher Gorham aka Henry from Ugly Betty, and Arielle Kebbel from Jon Tucker Must Die.
Fun fact, yours truly earned my 15 minutes of fame by taking on a small extra role in the film. Look out for me in the lecture hall scenes! Other friends of mine that are Michigan students are also featured in the film: Emily Smith, Adam Bleznak (Alumni), and Nelson Kazan.
IF YOU BLEED MAIZE AND BLUE, THIS MOVIE IS FOR YOU!or if you just want to learn about Ann Arbor! 😀
Keep a look out during the Summer of 2011 for ANSWER THIS!
Photo from the premiere of Christopher Gorham, myself ,and Ralph Williams (actors from the film)

Blue Crush

27 03 2011

March Madness is the NCAA basketball tournament that is played in the month of march, every single year. The NCAA MARCH MADNESS tournament is made up of 68 teams with a single elimination rounds. If you loose, YOU’RE OUT… if you win, YOU’RE IN!! The top ten of the Eastern Conference this year was made up of : Ohio State, George Mason, Villanova, West Virgina, Kentucky, Xaiver, Syracuse, Washington, Georgia, and North Carolina. The top ten of the Western Conference this year was made up of:  Duke, Michigan,  Tennessee, Arizona,  Texas, Cincinnati,  Connecticut, Temple, Penn State and San Diego St.

This is what the Bracket looks like for this year’s March Madness tournament

As more and more teams get eliminated the different rounds of the MARCH MADNESS tournament become more important. In the beginning there are so many games going on during the day it is hard to keep them straight.

Results from the first round excited ANN ARBOR as the MICHIGAN WOLVERINES made it through !!

The Duke Blue Devils vs Michigan Wolverines. As you can see, the Blue Devil‘s are ranked as the number one team in the western conference of the NCAA’s March Madness tournament.

Obviously, My favorite team through thick and thin would be the Michigan Wolverines. We were ranked as the number eight team of the western conference. The sea of maize and blue fans were ecstatic in when final buzzer rung to push out the number nine seed Tennesse. It is always a toss up on whether to pick the #8 or the #9 team for the first round. It is such a small upset, but about more than half the time, the underdog seems to end up on top…. But not in this case 😀

This put the MICHIGAN WOLVERINES onto round two to face off against the #1 Team.

The Michigan Wolverines cut it close to beating out their round two match up. Falling behind in the final moments before the buzzer, Michigan ended up loosing to the Duke Blue Devils. In the first half of the game Michigan held a tight rope between themselves and the Blue Devils. For those of us who bleed MAiZE and BLUE we’ll just have to wait until next year.

Here is footage from the game –

Duke Prevails….!

The first major round where games have a stronger following is during the ” sweet sixteen “. This is where there are only 16 teams playing still from the starting 68! This years sweet sixteen team played either on March 24th or 25th. Four games were played on each of the days.

The winners of the sweet sixteen head on to the elite eight where the games took place on March 26th and 27th. The teams included in the elite eight included : Kentucky V North Carolina – where Kentucky won 76-69, Connecticut V Arizona- where Connecticut slipped by to beat AZ 65-63 ( play by play information on this located here), VCU V Kansas – where VCU killed winning 71-61, and lastly, Butler V Florida – where Butler won in a close call 74-71. Weirdly enough, I noticed that two of the teams school colors are blue — reminding me of an old favorite song of mine …

To show their school spirit the Kentucky Bull dogs and UCONN Huskies should keep up their energy and shout out to this song by Effiel 65:


“yo listen up here’s a story
about a little guy that lives in a blue world
and all day and all night and everything he sees
is just blue like him inside and outside
blue his house with a blue little window
and a blue corvette
and everything is blue for him and hisself
and everybody around”


Now we are left with the FINAL FOUR teams!! The men’s games will take place in HOUSTON, TEXAS.



Lazy Lounging leads to adventures!

27 03 2011

One of the things that I long for the MOST about not being in America is being able to watch TV in ENGLISH! I am a communications major at the UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN where the focus is on the mass media. Freshman year, I took a communications course where I learned the history of the mass media. My teacher SUSAN DOUGLAS is a goddess!! She was even on Opera and has published a book called “Where The Girls Are.” I mean how many students can say THEIR teacher has been on OPERA!? I am hoping to take another class this fall semester with her called Celebrity Culture. Gotta keep my fingers crossed!

The Legendary Susan Douglas

My keen interest in the television world grew tremendously over last summer when I was unfortunately instructed to “take it easy” and relax for 2 and a half months!! It was the longest I’ve ever had to stay inside and not be allowed to even LIFT A FINGER in my life. My doctor told me all I could do was chill….. I am an EXTREMELY active and love to GO-GO-GO!!! so this was NOT easy. I had to get a few new hobbies and one of them was watching TV.

I discovered TWO favorite TV channels – E! and The Travel Channel! One of the main reasons i LOVED the Travel Channel is because I could feel like I was traveling all over the world from while sitting on my living room couch. I’m OBSESSED with traveling and trying new things when I do arrive to these new cities. This led to endless hours searching of where to go and see on the Travel Channels website. I even applied for an internship to work for the network.


The Travel Channel hosts a variety of shows offering different angles or views of a multitude of cities! In my opinion the top shows revolve around challenging situations or food explorations in these various cities around the world. Top TV shows to catch are: Bert the Conqueror, Bizzare Foods with Andy Zimmern, and my ALL TIME FAVORITE MAN v FOOD.

Bert the Conqueror – is where Bert travels around the world and takes on crazy challenges such as “riding Virginia’s Griffon, the tallest and fastest coaster in the world, plunging 40 feet down Hawaii’s Shaka waterslide, or competing in Maine’s North American Wife Carrying Championship, Bert stops at nothing to celebrate the unique traditions that take place in towns across the nation.”

Bizzare Foods with Andy follows an EXOTIC food journey where he really tests his limits with food. If it looks good he WILL eat it! He’s even tried brain tacos in Baja and bull penis soup in Bangkok – not many people would risk putting those kinds of foods in their mouth! Check out Andy with who knows what he is about to put in his mouth!! eek!!

But my ALL TIME FAVORITE SHOW instills a combination of a thrilling challenge and the delicious taste of food. In Man v. Food, food fanatic Adam Richman has held every job in the restaurant business, and now he’s on a journey to explore the biggest and best eats our nation has to offer.  He takes on FOOD challenges in cities across the UNITED STATES. He visits 2 amazing authentic (non- chain) restaurants in each city and than takes on a challenge at a 3rd restaurant!

For Example – Adam will attempt to conquer a massive grilled cheese sandwich in Cleveland, OH, a 7-lb. seafood feast in Long Island, NY, and race to finish 50 wings in 30 minutes in Boulder, CO.

the SEASON FINALE of MY FAVORITE SHOW happened to take place in MY college town of ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN. I was determined to get on the set of the TV show MAN v FOOD and see my celebrity crush ADAM RICHMAN.

This is part of the Season Finale episode that took place in ANN ARBOR !!! His first stop is at BLIMPY BURGER – a veryyy greasey and filling burger place. The second stop is at my FAVORITE deli MAIZE and BLUE. This is big amongst UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN athletes because the portions are GINORMOUS! You can see ADAM eat my friends sandwich in the episode!!  My best friend brad in the green shirt is munching on his sandwich in the opening of Maize and Blue Deli around 7 minutes in.

The CHALLENGE of ANN ARBOR takes place at Tio’s Mexican Cafe – a somewhat disgusting restaurant if you ask me…! Adam is CHALLENGED with 5 lbs of Nachos loaded with chips, beans, cheese, chicken, beef, pork, guac, AND spicy queso. a short trailer shows a preview of Adam’s Ann Arbor challenge.


I wish he could come to Barcelona and have a tapa challenge !!