Calling anyone and everyone!

13 04 2011

Have you ever heard of a podcast?A podcast is a PERSONAL, ON DEMAND, broDCAST that is typically audio only. podcasts a fabulous venue to share and learn information about a topic because they are easy to access and freeAnyone can create a podcast, all you need is a computer, a microphone and a connection the web. The advancement of podcasting came about in early 2004 with the advent and increasing popularity of MP3 players and iPods. These are not the only mediums in which you can listen to a podcast. podcasts because they are broadcasted on the web are easily accessible. Today, people are able to access the internet from their hand held phone… something that was basically unheard of seven short years ago.Trying to explain a podcast to someone who did not grow up in the digital generation may be difficult. I took the time to share this video of podcasting in plain english to my mom, a new user to the internet and technology.


podcasts are ideal for someone who wants to have a quick update, background, or full emersion of a topic. podcasts cover various topics, from serious political and legislative news, rap artist’s latest song to your neighbor’s gardening skills. 

The best part is that you can watch AS MUCH AS YOU WANT , WHENEVER YOU WANT, and can be HEARD VIA MULTIPLE MEDIA OUTLETS. Podcast’s are ideal for both people who are on the go-go-go and those who just like to sit back and learn about something new. You can tailor your “podcast playlist” to YOUR interests and hobbies. They are distributed episodically and streamed on the web.Being openly accessible and available 24/7 is a perk of subscribing to podcasts.

another benefit to podcasting is the lack of a gatekeeper. anyone and everyone has the ability to produce and export media content.   i think it is important that people take advantage of the opportunity to share their experiences with the rest of the ” World”, or those who are community members to the WORLD WIDE WEB. podcasts have evolved the process of audio mediums from a PUSH to a PULL. We are able to personalize and pull our own information easily and accessibly. these are important in determining the success of your podcast.

NPR- national public radio , one of the few if not only in the US that still exists. This medium offers a variety of podcasts to listen to. It is obvious that there is something for EVERYONE by browsing through the main categories of NPR’s podcasts : around the nation, art and life, books, business, economy, food, health, music, news, politics, science, technology, US and World.

Go out and explore the WEB! find the perfect podcast for you!

Social Networks

10 02 2011

Before I could even begin to write this blog post, I spent an hour on Facebook- one of the most widely used online SOCIAL NETWORKING WEBSITES. Facebook allows you to connect, converse, and meet a multitude of people or keep in touch with ones you already know. SOCIAL NETWORKING has been brought to a whole new level with the invention of WEB 2.0 and the INTERNET. Opportunities can become available by a CONNECTION of a friend of a friend. A resulting issue of “Facebook Friends” is who do you accept? and who do you not? Do you really know this person? or is it just to have another connection?

Friend or Foe? I personally do not accept people who I have not physically met before. It is just too DANGEROUS and that person could end up using your information against you. The SOCIAL NETWORK that you have worked so hard to create could quickly crumble by ACCEPTING one “friend”.

SOCIAL NETWORKS can be seen as  a web of connections, bridging one person to another to another. You can be led to greater success by telling a CEO or a DOCTER that you know someone that they are close with. In the video we watched in class about SOCIAL NETWORKS in plain english – we observed how some people can find love or a job through their FRIENDS networks. It is not just your own network but those of the people you are connected to.

Example of a Facebook Page

I have used SOCIAL NETWORKING websites to gain an audience for an organization I worked for last summer. We would ADD friends and send them messages and information. ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKS are great for publicity and raising awareness. We were able to advertise our EVENTS to a mass audience at the ease of a button click. By using TWITTER we could give short updates all day long.  Our organizations name and brand grew to a whole new level within just 2 months. From only being recognized by local community members to now people who live out of state. Its fascinating how quickly the information can be shared and traveled on the internet – especially by the help of SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES.

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