Mega Millions … 425 Mil

13 12 2013

Sooo i was just thinking what i would do if i did in fact on some off chance happened to win the megamillions ….

Clearly , my first thought would be to hop a flight to Barcelona, my favorite place thus far that i have discovered in the world. I realized also even if i did win i would definitely still want to be in the working world…. Image

I’d give at least 1 million back to the University of Michigan’s Communication Studies program , whether this would be divided up into scholarships or furthering some sort of research i’m not quite sure. I feel like I need to give back to an establishment that has given me so much.

I’d give at least 5 million to the City of Detroit – in some way shape or form. In order to make Detroit better than it once was we have to clear out the old and rubble. Ruin porn is fascinating concept … the fact that people are finding beauty in the demise of downtown…. kids have gone as far as SKiiNG iNSiDE these broke down buildings, making jumps and all kinds of crazy things. Turning a scrap yard into a full fledged Urban Putt Putt venue that was created by Lawrence Tech (Detroit University) students. The course is named Roosevelt Par and is in the same pocket as the Imagination Station ….!! The Imagination Station is a new nonprofit whose humble first job is to clean up 2230 and 2236 14th street, two blighted historic houses on Roosevelt Park facing the iconic ruins of Michigan Central Station in Detroit’s Corktown neighborhood.  I would like to contribute something to the city that is creative and innovative while hosting a community space for safe gathering.  I’m going to continue the blog about Do It For Detroit … cuz i could go on for days !

Keith Haring OGI would get a penthouse suite at the W south beach or Fontainbleau for NYE !! Image

Buy 15 – 20 fur blankets for some close friends and family for the holiday, because who wouldn’t love to get all cozied up in that !!

A Ferrari California, a car for Melshaw whatever kind she dreamt of and maybe one one other car ( it could be for you ! )

Definitely plan a ski trip to Chile with at least 4 – 6 friends !! All of me betches.O yah you’d have to wait til Summer for this trip ! :p

A new lab top Mac Book Air & I phone … yes i said it … i’d also invest in Typo Keyboard … maybe 1.5 mill so i’ve donated more than Ryan Secreast and get the ball rolling on the best way to bring back the features from a blackberry … such as the keyboard ! Image

I’d buy an original Roy Lichtenstein , Keith Haring, Andy Warhol & Georgia O Keefe ( some ideas featured here in the blog post).



I’d put away 200 mill for safe keepings and later in life.